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Although it is important to take personal protective steps to prevent viruses and diseases, such as washing and sanitizing hands regularly, it’s also essential to disinfect and sterilize your home’s surfaces and floors to protect you and your family.

We provide complete disinfection and sanitization of your home to remove all harmful bacterial and viral germs from surfaces.

Sanitization And Disinfection Procedures:

  • Sterilization of all surfaces in the site to reduce the risk of transmission of any infection, focusing on surfaces prone to repeated touching, such as: tables, door handles, light switches, faucets and sinks, touch screens and others.
  • Use of cold fogging technology through a specialized spray device.
  • Use of FDA approved materials; non-toxic, alcohol-free, pH-neutral, and quick-acting.
  • Disinfection of the site following international personal protection standards and protocols.
  • Provision of pre- and post-service instructions.

Keep sanitized workspaces and home safe without compromising productivity. We look forward to helping you provide the needed safety for your loved ones and the community.

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“MicroSafe” Sterilizer

We use MicroSafe product in Contra’s sanitization processes; “MicroSafe” is selected for it’s effectiveness and safety, and in accordance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and ISO standards. MicroSafe is the #1 disinfectant used in hospitals worldwide, eliminating 99.999% of disease vectors within 30 seconds.


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